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June 30.10 ethot

Psalm 90:12 (1-17) “So teach us to number our days,

The first two verses of this psalm are probably the most used introduction to God in most church serves or radio programs ever. It speaks of God always being. There was never a time when He wasn’t. For us there is a beginning and no end, but for God there was never a beginning. He has always been!

It is impossible for us to really understand it so we settle for understanding that God existed before us. We live in time and for us there are beginnings and ends, for God there is no such thing. What this teaches us about time is that we don’t have eternity to get done what we must, compared to God. So it is important for us not to waste any of it, because once it’s gone it can’t be recovered.

So we ask God to teach us how to stay focused so that when we reach that moment in time and present ourselves before Him we will be able to give an accounting of what we have learned, v. 12.

Wisdom involves understanding that for every word or action there is an opposite and equal reaction.


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June 29.10 ethot

Psalm 89:32 (1-52) “then I will punish their transgression with the rod and their iniquity with stripes.

The psalmist uses the word “lovingkindness” 6 times in this psalm and it is defined with a synonym, “faithfulness”, v. 1. Although God’s love was extended to David and his family line (vs. 3 & 4) forever it doesn’t exempt him, and his descendants, from punishment when they deserve it. While a person is being punished it feels like it’s taking forever, but it is necessary to teach or remind one that there are always consequences for their behavior.

But the thing I think we forget about God’s faithfulness to punish us is that God loves us enough not to let us get our way in anything. He is a very good father to each of us and knows that letting us get away with an evil and not punishing us for it sets a bad president for us. We will start to think that if God will let me go in one area of my life, how many others are there?

His love for His children is too great to let that happen. What we need to do is learn from our mistakes and never discount how much He loves us.

Faith involves remembering all the things God has done for you already and ensuring that He has no reason not to continue.

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June 28.10 ethot

Psalm 88:13 (1-18) “But I, O Lord, have cried out to You for help, and in the morning my prayer comes before You.

Dr. Ryrie comments that this probably is the saddest of all the psalms. Yet, in spite of the fact that the psalmist feels abandoned by God, he has not yet abandon God.

He starts out his day seemingly right in that he has not forgotten God, but since His focus is on his pain it doesn’t seem to help much. I don’t want you to think that this writer is just not thinking positively. What if he did that already and that didn’t help get rid of his struggle? What about a person who looses a limb from cancer?

I know such a person. She still struggles with her condition. It’s not likely that God will grow her limb back (not that He couldn’t). But what she has discovered is that God has used her testimony to help others. Her struggle with life one limb short is still with her and her family, but she is exhibiting such spiritual strength! I don’t think I could ever handle it.

What we must understand is that if God didn’t need us to be His witnesses here on earth and in our lifetime we would have disappeared the moment we accepted Him as our Savior.

Faith involves trusting God’s will and then acting on it.

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June 25.10 ethot

Psalm 87:1 (1-7) “His foundation is in the holy mountains.

I don’t know why, and I don’t think anyone else does either, God chose the land where Israel is to be something so special, but it is. It’s not a decision I would have made. As Puertoriqueño I would have better chosen the island of Puerto Rico. As Philadelphian I would have chosen … someplace else. It’s too hot and muggy in the summer.

What God’s choice should remind us is that God is intimately involved in the affairs of men, whether we recognize it or not. God made this universe for us to enjoy with Him. In Genesis 3:8 we see that God was in the habit of meeting with Adam every day at a set time.

There is nothing the world can do to insure that the land of Israel not be God’s favorite place. History has shown us that no matter what man has done to eradicate the people of God and their land, they always end up still living in their land. Satan will even try, in the future to pollute that land as he has in the past, yet even that will not keep it form being God’s.

Since God has not forgotten His people and their land, we shouldn’t either. Pray for Israel!

Faith involves trusting God’s will and then acting on it.

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June 24.10 ethot

Psalm 86:17 (1-17) “Show me a sign for good, that those who hate me may see it and be ashamed, because You, O Lord, have helped me.

In v. 8 David says, “There is no one like you among the gods”. There was an understanding, back then, that there was a personality or persons greater than the average human who had power over the affairs of men and nature. And just like men were always trying to become the only one Most Supreme among each other, the gods were the same.

The Bible, as we know it today, is the revelation of the fact that there is only one God, not many. And, that He is a person, and the creator of all that exists, whether we as humans can see it or not. He cares about His creation and has done something about correcting an infection that has occurred.

If we merge all the most powerful persons together and call them gods (including God), which one would emerge as the most powerful? Jesus called Himself “the Son of Man”. This is a title reserved in the Old Testament for the Son of God who would come to earth as a human, Daniel 7:13. This person was one we could see and understand. He came to rescue us from that disease, sin. This is the sign that man has been waiting for from the Most High God.

Attentiveness involves looking, listening and learning the will of God, the way of God and the commands of God.

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June 23.10 ethot

Psalm 85:5 (1-13) “Will You be angry with us forever?

In the first 3 verses the writer describes, thankfully, how God had finally restored His people to His good graces. But in the next 5 verses it seems the people had slipped back into their old bad habits and so God went back to ignoring them.

Sometimes when we ask where is God, as if He has distanced Himself from us so He can’t see or hear us, it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Actually, it is we who have pulled away, not Him. The fact that we feel as if we’re being punished proves the God has not gone away, but is waiting for the right response from us. In Daniel 4:25 Nebuchadnezzar was punished for his pride until he “recognized that the Most High is ruler”.

God never leaves His own unattended or cared for. But you know how it gets next to impossible to help someone who obviously needs it but won’t take it. God will patiently wait and watch as you pretty much hang yourself.

Wisdom involves recognizing and rejecting my natural inclination to explain away what I know to be true.

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June 22.10 ethot

Psalm 84:4 (1-12) “How blessed are those who dwell in Your house!

The psalmist describes for us who those people are who dwell in God’s house, they are strong in the Lord, v. 5 and they trust only in Him, v. 12. No matter where the Lord sends these people, they always remember who they are and where they would rather be, v. 2. So they don’t let the distractions of the world get in their way of getting back into the presence of their God, v. 10.

I’m sure that most of us have had that wonderful day at church, a day when we really felt the presence of God in and all around us. Unfortunately we get it into our heads that church is a place I go to feel good and in a way it should be. But, not like we usually think.

See, the writer describes how birds come and build their nests in the temple to have and raise their young. Those young will grow up being comfortable only in God’s presence surrounded only by the things and the sounds of God. Most of the time we don’t go to church to build anything let alone encourage our young to be more comfortable with God than with the world. It is our behavior they will emulate. So, why do you go to church?

Wisdom involves recognizing and rejecting my natural inclination to explain away what I know to be true.

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