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Matthew 13:58 (44–58) “And He did not do many miracles there because of their unbelief.

What discourages you?

I wonder if its wise sometimes for a man to pastor the church he grew up in. You would think that the easiest people to share the Gospel with would be with those you know, but it seems that it is what they know or think they know that gets in the way.

Maybe as Jesus grew up His family and friends had constructed a future for Jesus (13:55) and now that He has failed to meet it they wouldn’t listen to Him. Or, maybe having seen how human He was growing up (13:55–56), they just couldn’t imagine Him as anything but that. It is strange because, had they forgotten the talk about the fulfillment of prophesies since His birth?

In any case remember that Jesus taught us to have patience, confidence and to persevere (13:24–33). This is why He couldn’t do much in His own hometown. I guess that means even with those you grow up with. Remember it’s not our responsibility to decide who will or will not be saved. Our job is simply to be ready (2 Timothy 4:2) whenever the opportunity arises.

Patience involves letting God do what he does while you focus on what you should be doing.


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Mateo 13:58 (44–58) “Y no hizo muchos milagros allí a causa de la incredulidad de ellos.

¿Qué te desanima?

Me pregunto si a veces es sabio para un hombre pastorear la iglesia donde fue criado. Usted pensaría que la gente más fácil para compartir el Evangelio sería con aquellos que conoces, pero parece que es lo que saben o creen que saben que se interponga en el camino.

Tal vez a medida que Jesús creció, su familia y amigos construyeron un futuro para Jesús (13:55) y ahora que no lo ha logrado, no lo escucharon. O, tal vez habiendo visto lo humano que era creciendo (13: 55–56), simplemente no podían imaginarlo como algo más que eso. Es extraño porque, ¿habían olvidado los relatos sobre el cumplimiento de las profecías desde Su nacimiento?

En cualquier caso, recuerde que Jesús nos enseñó a tener paciencia, confianza y perseverar (13:24–33). Por eso no pudo hacer mucho en su propia ciudad natal. Supongo que eso significa que incluso con aquellos con los que creces. Recuerde que no es nuestra responsabilidad decidir quién se salvará o no. Nuestro trabajo es simplemente estar listos (2 Timoteo 4:2) siempre que surja la oportunidad.

Paciencia involucra dejándole a Dios hacer Su trabajo mientras tu pones tu enfoque en lo que debes estar haciendo.


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April 30.14 ethot

1 John 3:19 (19-24) “We will know by this that we are of the truth, and will assure our hearts before Him in whatever our hearts condemns us;

How do you obey?

We don’t always feel any better doing the things God wants us to do.

Little children need to be told what to do, when to do it and how do to it. Somewhere along the line they should be told why, as well. They don’t need to be told how to feel. Those right feelings will come along soon enough.

As believers we don’t need to feel like loving our brothers in Christ or our neighbor to obey the Lord. We just need to do it. We need to fix our eyes on the Lord, realize that God understands where we are right now and then, knowing what God wants, get to work. He knows what our mood is. He knows when we’ve sinned and don’t feel very holy or saved, He knows.

He also knows who His children are and that this life we have chosen is not easy for us. Trust Him, He knows… now get to work.

Faith involves resting all my hopes for tomorrow on God’s proven promises rather than on man’s faltering word.


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1 de Juan 3:19 (19-24) “En esto sabremos que somos de la verdad, y aseguraremos nuestros corazones delante de El en cualquier cosa en que nuestro corazón nos condene;

¿Cómo obedeces?

No siempre noshace sentir mejorhaciendo lascosas que Dios quiereque hagamos.

Los niños pequeñosnecesitanque se les digaqué hacer,cuándo hacerloy cómolo hacerlo.En el tiempo debidose les debe decirpor qué,también.Ellos no necesitanque se les digacómosentirse.Esossentimientos correctosllegarana su debido tiempo.

Como creyentesno necesitamossentirque amamos anuestros hermanosen Cristoonuestro prójimoa obedecer al Señor. Sólo tenemos quehacerlo.Debemosfijar nuestrosojos en el Señor, conscientes de que Diosentiendedonde estamosen esos momentosy luego, sabiendo lo que Dios quiere, ponernos a trabajar.Él sabe lo queesnuestro estado de ánimo. Él sabe cuandohemos pecadoyno nos sentimosmuy santoosalvado, Él lo sabe.

También sabe quienes son sus hijos y que esta vida que hemos elegido no es fácil para nosotros. Confía en Él, Él sabe … ahora manos a la obra.

Fe involucra descansando todas mis esperanzas para el mañana en las promesas seguras del Señor en vez de las palabras inciertas del hombre.

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Luke 1:76 (57–80) “And you, child, will be called the prophet of the Most High;

I noticed this verse because normally the blessing of the father towards his child was given before the death of the father. In the Old Testament we see Isaac and Jacob doing this with their children.

This, of course, emphasizes the importance of the ministry that John would eventually have. John’s ministry was to turn the hearts of the people of Israel back to their God, Jehovah. And, that is what he did. But, the most important thing that work involved was to announce the presence of the Salvation of Israel, Jesus.

One note here about John’s name. I feel that it is important that we choose our children’s names carefully, that we ask God to help us choose a name that will help our kids focus on their God and not forget Him. John means, “God is gracious.”

John was really preparing the people for the return of their rightful King and with Him the re-establishment of their kingdom. But, as we will see, the people will reject Him as their personal Savior, which is the first step.

Enthusiasm involves discovering how your life can motivate others to praise God and change.

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Matthew 21:43 (33–46) “Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a people producing the fruit of it.

With this story Jesus fully condemns the chief priests and Pharisees (elders). And, in the process has given us a picture of what was to happen shortly and is happening today. A prophecy!

In the story, the son that was thrown out and killed would be Jesus Himself. The renters were the people of Israel at that time; who would be thrown out. The new renters are the church. So, when the Jewish leadership reacted to Jesus and rejected Him they had fallen on the “chief corner stone”.

Just as it seems very foolish of the original renters, in the story, to forget who owned that land it is very foolish today of man to forget who owns this land. Don’t be like those who rejected the owner’s offer of reconciliation. God is not finished; He has a developing plan.

Alertness is not just to danger. It involves paying attention to opportunities God presents for real change, right now.

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May 27.11 ethot

Mark 5:43 (21-43) “and He said that something should be given her to eat.

This story is a contrast in faith. Although Jairis believed Jesus could heal his daughter of a severe illness, he didn’t believe Jesus could handle death. In all fairness to Jairis, no one believed that anyone could bring the dead back to life, except God.

But the woman, in total desperation through caution to the wind and believed Jesus could do the impossible, even for someone like herself. When she was healed the joy must have been overwhelming. It is kind of strange that many were touching Jesus and nothing was happening to them. Yet, Jesus could sense what had happened and turned not to condemn the woman’s presumption, but to commend it.

I can only imagine what Jairis’ thoughts must have been when told that his daughter had died. Did he look at Jesus and then the woman and wonder what he should or shouldn’t think, should he be presumptuous as well and just believe the impossible? Jesus didn’t even let him speak and reassured him that faith was all he needed.

Now Jesus said something really strange. He told them to feed the girl because she was hungry. Maybe Jesus did this because at times we get so distracted with what we’re expecting God to do that we forget what we’re supposed to be doing?

Faith involves letting God do what He does while you do what your supposed to do.

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